About Stu

I look at each project as a visual craftsman to tell a story in the most authentic, compelling, and beautiful way.

I have mastered the use of audio-visual techniques to tell a compelling story; be it the story of a social project, that of a product, an individual or a company.

Having enjoyed a fulfilling career of collaborations with talented directors, producers, camera operators, editors and production staff, I have acquired an extensive skill-set in all fields of media production that enables me to offer you a broad range of video services.

So what skills do I have?

Camera operating, directing, lighting interviews, editing, and in terms of pre-production; conceptualizing, planning and storyboarding.

I also have vast experience in sound recording and dialog editing.

What recommends me?

More than all these words, it’s my videos that speak for me. I have worked with social organizations, non-governmental organizations, banking foundations, advertising agencies, private companies, healthcare councils, and educational institutions, always creating high-quality social media video content.

My work includes a variety of genres, from animated film and campaign videos, to small, intimate music concerts, augmented reality projects and even live editing of improvised theatre.

If you have an organization and want your team to learn how to put together a video themselves (and a pretty good one!) or, have your staff participate in a media production training, I can offer that too.

Photos by Tony Gigov